S.C.I.P. (Shopping Certificate Incentive Program)

Dear St. Linus School Family:

Welcome to a new school year! As you settle into your school year habits, consider making SCIP a part of your routine.

The S.C.I.P. program is a year-round fundraiser that directly reduces expenses for the participants. We purchase gift certificates from stores and restaurants at a discount, then re-sell them to program participants at face value. S.C.I.P. splits the profit between a credit for the purchasing family and operating expenses for the program. For example, if a school family pays $200 for Jewel certificates, they get $200 worth of Jewel certificates plus an $8.50 fundraising credit, and S.C.I.P. gets $1.50ญญ to cover expenses.

Think of the fundraising credit your family could earn just by using S.C.I.P. certificates for your routine purchases! In addition to grocery stores and gas stations, S.C.I.P. offers certificates from over one hundred local and national restaurants and retailers. You can find the complete list on the attached order form and on the St. Linus website. It's easy to get started using the program. Once you register with S.C.I.P. and get a Family ID number, you can start to earn credits.

Certificates can be purchased in one of two ways. Most certificates are available on a first-come-first-served basis at weekly Cash &Carry sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm. (Enter the school through the preschool doors on Linus Lane.) The second way to purchase certificates is by sending an "Envelope Order" to school by 9am Monday; your order will be ready for pick-up Thursday at the rectory, or it can be sent home Friday with your child.

S.C.I.P. is a fabulous way to reduce your family's education expenses. We would very much like your family to become part of the program and share in the benefits. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the school at (708) 425-1656.

Nora Hunt
Beth Barry
SCIP Administrators

Download the New Year Letter for School Families here

Download the New School Family Registration Form here.

Download the New Year Letter for Religious Ed Families here.

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Download the Envelope Order Form here