Brown Envelope...Going Green

The "Brown Envelope" is a packet full of information that goes home on Wednesday. It holds the weekly news and important information parents need to know about what is happening at St. Linus School. The oldest/only child in the family takes it home, the parents remove the contents, sign the outside of the envelope, and then send it back to school with their child for the next week's information.

In addition, the Brown Envelope is called "Going Green".
Information from school is now also available online! There will be dated postings online when any new information is available to be read.

School Supplies
2016-17 Calendar


Week of Audience Description
September 21 All School  Brother Rice & McAuley Band
September 14 All School  Lunchroom Volunteers
 Choir News
 Gym Uniform & Sweat Clothes
September 7 All School  Making Moral Decisions
 St. Linus 2016 Homecoming Dance
 Box Tops Bonus App
August 31 All School  September School Calendar
 Sept. 9th Picture Day
 September SCIP Calendar
 SCIP Envelope Order Form
 Ladies' Guild Hot Lunch Program
 PreK through 3rd Grade Order Form
 4th through 8th Order Form
 5th Grade Girls Bball Schedule
 4th-8th Grade Girls Bball Schedule
 Hawks Field, Sunday 9-11-2016
August 23 All School  Sept. Home School Connection
 Chalk-toberfest 2016 
 Sept. SCIP Calendar
 Sept. SCIP Order Form