The intellectual growth of the child is the responsibility of the individual student, the parents, the faculty and administration of Saint Linus School. The school, therefore, strives to maintain a high quality of education by combining both creative and basic learning methods. In a climate of acceptance, the teacher aids the child in thinking for himself/herself, in acquiring new knowledge, in accepting and seeking responsibility, and in applying his/her existing knowledge to new situations. We, the administration and faculty, hope to accomplish this by:

  • evaluating individual student goals and performances
  • using testing as a tool for evaluation and assessment placement
  • continuing to update both the scope and sequence of our curriculums
  • working at developing helpful study habits
  • using library facilities to introduce the students to various resource materials and incorporating those materials into daily teaching
  • encouraging participation in the community programs, and using available community resources and personnel to enrich our curriculum
  • providing enrichment programs for students