School Supplies

School Supplies


Assignment Tablets – $3.00 – Grades 2-5
Middle School Students only:
Assignment Tablets – $5.00
Sketchbook – Sketch for School (Brand) – $4.00
512 MB USB Flash drive – $10.00 (for students in grades 4-5)


Supplies should be replenished as they are used. Students are responsible for their own supplies. No liquid paper (white-out) is permitted to be used in school.
Periodically, students will be required to purchase paperback novels. these novels may be purchased individually, or on occasion, through the school. Middle School students are required to bring their Bibles that they received in 5th Grade.

This is the proper heading for all students.


Supply Lists By Grade Level

3 Year old Preschool Supplies

4 Year Old Preschool Supplies

Kindergarten School Supply List

1st Grade School Supply List

2nd Grade School Supply List

3rd Grade School Supply List

4th Grade School Supply List

5th Grade School Supply List

6-8th Grade School Supply List


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