Outdoor fun!

September 21, 2020

Our teachers are really taking advantage of our wonderful campus to get the outside during the day.  Between gym class, lunch, recess and doing classes outside the students are utilizing all the grounds we have […]

St. Laurence Recruitment Events

September 21, 2020

St. Laurence is hosting several upcoming admissions events for 8th grade families. The new Students Panel, Personal Tour Night and Sunday Private Tours provide families in-depth looks at the school and allow you to have all of […]

Greek Mythology Wanted Posters!!!

September 21, 2020

Our 6th grade students are studying Greek Mythology and the History of Greece in Literature and Social Studies.  In Literature they created Wanted Posters for Greek Gods.  The students got very creative with their posters.

What goes up must come down!!!

September 18, 2020

This week Ms. Linnert’s 3rd graders were learning all about gravity! They completed an egg drop challenge as part of the lesson.

8th graders decorating the sidewalks!!

September 18, 2020

Our 8th graders decorated the sidewalks outside of school on what would have been our annual Chalktoberfest event!  Here are some before and after pictures!

St. Rita Recruitment Newsletter

September 16, 2020


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