Golf consists of a 4 week season and a Championship. Golfers play Sundays for 4 weeks then depending on who qualifies there would be a Championship day for both individuals and teams (the teams need at least 3 boys or 3 girls). If there is not enough to fill a team of 3, everyone can still play and compete as an individual. Some of the key points of the league: The rounds are 9 holes which should take 2 to 2 ½ hours to play each Sunday. Each player needs to have their own set of golf clubs, tees and golf balls.

The league takes the best 3 scores that each individual has during the 4 weeks to determine if someone qualifies for the playoff day. So you only need to make 3 of the 4 weeks in order to qualify for the playoffs.

Visit the St. Linus Athletic Club (SLAC) website for more information on our spring sports and to register online, or look for a school reach call and an announcement on Going Green for upcoming in person SLAC registration nights at the Linus School gym. Payment is due registration night. Personal checks or cash are accepted.