School Uniforms

Dress Uniforms

Students begin wearing uniforms on the first day of class.

Girls and Boys Shoes on Dress Uniform Days

Students may wear only black and brown oxford or loafer style leather shoes. NO GYM SHOES are allowed on dress uniform days regardless of color. No cowboy boots, work boots, moccasins, sandals, opened toed or open heeled shoes are permitted.

Girls Grades K-3 on Dress Uniform Days

Plaid Jumper, White Blouse or White Polo (with or without band)
Navy Walking Shorts or Navy Pants (NO CARGOS)
Solid Burgundy Cardigan Sweater (recommended) or
St. Linus “HAWK” Navy Blue Hoodless Sweats.

Girls Grades 4-5 on Dress Uniform Days

Plaid Skirt or Skort, White Blouse or White Polo (Non-Banded
shirts must be tucked in), Navy Pants/Walking Shorts
Solid Burgundy V-Neck Sweater Vest or
St. Linus Hawks HOODLESS Navy long Sleeve sweatshirt.

Girls Grades 6-8 on Dress Uniform Days

Plaid Skirt; NAVY Polo (Non Banded must be tucked in)
(GRADE 8 is allowed to wear Graduation Hoodless Sweatshirt
until May 1st)

Boys Grades K-5 on Dress Uniform Days

White or Light Blue polo with Navy pants or walking shorts
Solid Burgundy V-Neck Sweater Vest or St. Linus Hawks
Hoodless Navy Sweatshirt.
Boys in grade K-2 DO NOT need to wear a belt.
Boys in grade 3 -8 MUST wear a belt.

Boys Grades 6-8 on Dress Uniform Days

Khaki Pants or Walking shorts (not cargo), NAVY Polo, black or brown leather shoes, and belt. BOY’S MUST WEAR WHITE, NAVY, or BLACK FULL LENGTH CREW SOCKS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dress Uniforms can be purchased at:

Schools Are Us, Inc.

3146 W. 111th Street, Chicago, IL


3517 W. 95th Street, Evergreen Park, IL

Gym Uniforms

Gym uniforms for Grades K-8 can be purchased through St. Linus School. ON GYM DAYS: Grades K thru 8 are allowed to wear their gym uniform and gym shoes to school.

Girls and Boys:

Navy Blue Mesh Shorts with St. Linus logo.
Navy Blue T-Shirt with St. Linus Logo.
Navy Blue Sweatpants with St. Linus Logo
2019 HAWKTOBERFEST T-shirts are also allowed on gym days throughout the 2019-20 school year.

Gym Uniforms can be purchased through the school.  Orders must be turned in to the school office.

Please click on Gym Uniform Purchase Order Information Page for more information.

You must complete the Gym Uniform Order Form and hand it in with your check before the designated due dates. Gym Uniforms can be ordered throughout the year. We will host a gym uniform try on twice a year In July and November so you can order appropriately. Students who have purchased a current Hawktoberfest T-Shirt are allowed to wear them to school on gym days for the entire calendar year.

Students who are Out of Uniform

Students who are “OUT OF UNIFORM” will be issued a detention.

Uniforms on Game Day

  • Students who participate in an extra-curricular sports MAY wear their uniform jersey on
    the day of their game. The jersey is to be worn over the school shirt. Only the jersey may
    be worn, no shorts or sweat pants will be allowed. If the game is on a weekend, the
    students will be allowed to wear their jersey on Friday.
  • Cheerleaders may wear their cheerleading uniforms on Friday when there is a game the
    following Saturday/Sunday.
  • Competitive Cheerleaders may wear warm ups on Friday, before a competition.
  • All Scouts may wear their uniform on the day of their meeting.

Dress Down Days

When there is a dress down day, student’s clothing should be indicative of the respect they have for themselves and for one another. Spaghetti straps, tube tops, tank tops, short skirts, short shorts or short dresses are not allowed. The midriff is to be covered at all times.

Jeans may be worn on non-uniform days. Shirts must be neat and clean and may not advertise
negative or inappropriate aspects (Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, Satanism, etc.) Any shirt which
expresses a message contrary to the school’s philosophy is not allowed. Shorts may be worn
(during warmer months) at fingertip length. Any student violating this policy will be required to

School Supplies

Families can visit our school supplies page to download PDF school supplies forms for each grade.