Altar Serving


Volunteer to Altar Serve!

Altar serving is a great way for your son or daughter to give back to the parish community. Our parish needs reliable, reverent, and devout kids from both St. Linus School and our religious education program to serve the Lord at His altar.

Our loving savior becomes present on the altar just as he did at the last supper and calvary. Accordingly servers have a solemn responsibility to do their assigned duties with dignity and reverence.

Altar Server Rules:

  • Attend altar server training class
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before mass starts to get dressed and pray the altar server’s prayer on the wall in the sacristy.
  • Altar servers must also make sure that the altar is prepared. This means making  sure the candles are lit, bread, wine, water, towels, bowl, prayer book, and any other sacramentals are in their proper place.
  • Perform the duties assigned during the mass in the prescribed orderly manner.
  • Maintain a prayerful posture position at all times in the sacristy. (If you are not doing something your hands should be folded in your lap.)
  • After the mass return to the sacristy and preparation areas to ensure that everything is set up for the next mass.
  • Always be quiet and respectful when on the altar. You are role models.
  • Be attentive and be responsive immediately when the priest asks for your help.
  • Make sure that your alb (robe) and cincture (rope) are returned the way you found them.

Altar Serving Special Masses:

You may be asked to serve for holy days of obligation, holidays, memorials, weddings, and funerals.

Our Current Altar Serving Schedule:

servers schedule March-2-8, 2020


Altar servers are responsible for finding an alternate server if they cannot attend their assigned mass.