There are many reasons singing in choir is an amazing opportunity for your child. It is proven that children who participate in music do better in math and reading. Choir members act as a team, just as they must in any sport, and it builds teamwork. Students in choir have better chances of getting into their chorus in HS, as well as getting cast in Community Theater and High School shows. This is also, and most importantly, an EXCELLENT opportunity for your child to learn to give back to their church and community in a fun, exciting, spiritual way, plus we have a blast! And you and your family have the opportunity to sing together at family masses, which is a very rewarding way to participate more fully at mass. I look forward to having your child in the choir and a great year!

Choir is a commitment, not only for your child but for you and your family as well. The children’s choir will sing at most monthly family masses, at our Christmas concert on Wednesday, December 4th, and on Christmas eve at our 3:00 p.m. family mass, beginning with prelude music at 2:30 p.m. These dates are mandatory for choir members except in the case of illness or traveling out of town. Choir is like any sport – we rely on all voices to be present to sound our best. Rehearsals are equally important, and will affect not only whether or not a child receives the opportunity to perform a solo, but frequent absences may result in dismissal from the choir.