3rd Grade Super Readers!!

June 8, 2018

To prepare 3rd graders for the Accelerated Reader requirements in 4th grade, they participate in a reading/quizzing challenge to see who can read the most books and complete the most quizzes with passing grades.  This […]

3rd Graders Make History Come Alive!

May 25, 2018

The 3rd graders worked so hard and were very excited to present a living wax museum of historical figures. Thanks to all who attended and to the supportive parents who helped to make this happen. […]


May 21, 2018

Long division isn’t easy to master, but Mrs. O’Connell’s students are here for each other.

3rd Graders Travel Back in Time!

May 11, 2018

The annual 3rd grade trip to Naper Settlement taught us a lot about life in Illinois during the 1800s. We experienced a one-room schoolhouse with some serious rules! We considered becoming a blacksmith’s apprentice or […]

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