SCIP: Buying Gift Cards to Reduce your Tuition Burden


The SCIP program is a year-round fundraiser that directly reduces expenses for the participants. If you have been at a parish that uses MANNA or SCRIP, these are different names for the same program. All these programs are designed to earn school families money toward their own tuition costs.

Participation in SCIP is voluntary, and if you’d like to join you must do so at a SCIP table. Once you’ve filled out the paperwork for SCIP and you’ve received your Family ID, you can begin to save money toward your tuition by purchasing gift cards from participating stores and businesses. Each gift card will offer a percentage back in credit. Your credits will be applied quarterly toward your St. Linus School family tuition.

How SCIP Works

Gift certificates are purchased from stores and restaurants at a discount, and then they are re-sold to SCIP program participants at face value. SCIP splits the profit between a credit for the purchasing family and operating expenses for the program.

Purchase Through School with School Office Envelope

The SCIP program is run by parent volunteers and purchases can be made through the School Office envelope at school. To do this, you need to hand in your form by 9 am on Monday. In the event the school is closed on Monday, hand in your order form with payment by 9 am on Tuesday. All orders will be returned with the child you named on the form on Friday.

Download and Print a SCIP Form

For more information you can contact the SCIP office at:
(708) 425-1656 x 139.