Faculty and Staff


Fr. Mark Walter – Rectory | mwalter@stlinusschool.org


I am upbeat and experienced educator who began as an elementary school teacher with Chicago Public Schools, and 14 years as an administrator at Queen of Peace High School and Maria High School before becoming the principal of St. Cletus Catholic School in La Grange, IL. I’m a St. Linus Alum, from the class of 1976. It’s great to be home, and a GREAT day to be a Hawk!

Ms. Margaret Hayes – Main Office | mhayes@stlinusschool.org

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Mrs. Delisi – Main Office | ldelisi@stlinusschool.org

My name is Linda Delisi and I am the School Secretary at St. Linus since January of 2006.

I am also a St. Linus parishioner and also a proud parent of three Linus alums.

I love what I do here at St. Linus, and each year is exciting with the new faces of the students. I like to refer to them as the old soap opera “All My Children.” When I am away from my “2nd home at Linus” I enjoy spending time with my family.

Extended Day Care  – AM & PM

I am an aide during the day in school and I also do the before and after school Extended Day Program. I am a long time parishioner of St. Linus. My three children graduated  from St.Linus. Currently I am lucky to have tree of my nine grandchildren enrolled. (How fortunate am I!) Thirty-one  years ago I started the Extended Day Program here at Linus.  IT IS STILL THE BEST PART OF MY DAY.

Mrs. Gute – Room 17 | mgute@stlinusschool.org

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4 Year Old Preschool

In 2008 I started my journey here at St. Linus and have been loving every minute of it.  I have spent my time teaching early childhood, specifically preschool the last few years.  My love of reading is what led me to get my Master’s Degree in Reading and Reading Specialist certificate.
I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and baking.

Mrs. Dougherty – Room 9 | cdougherty@stlinusschool.org

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3 Year Old Preschool

I have worked in education for 10 years.  Throughout my teaching career I have had the opportunity to work with students ranging from 1st – 8th grade.   I have enjoyed my journey and have found a home here at St. Linus in Preschool.  When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time with my husband and my three children.

Mrs. Keane – Room 8  | tkeane@stlinusschool.org

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3 and 4 Year Old Preschool

I received by BA from DePaul University and my teaching degree from St. Xavier University. I love teaching in Early Childhood! I have three children and I am a parishioner of St. Christina.
I love the White Sox and traveling to Ireland!

Mrs. McKillop – Room 11 | kmckillop@stlinusschool.org

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I have been a Kindergarten teacher for 22 years, and have been at St. Linus since 2000. Teaching Kindergarten has been very rewarding. When I am not in the classroom, I like to spend time with my husband and 2 daughters. I also love to read and go to the movies. St. Linus has been a great place to teach.

Mrs. Revis – Room 13 | mrevis@stlinusschool.org

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I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a master’s degree in Reading and am a certified reading specialist. I love to read and hope to spark an early love of reading in the kindergarten students. When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, shopping, relaxing, and of course reading!

Mrs. Newman – Room 16 | mknewman@stlinusschool.org

Ms. Mary Beth Reynolds – Room 16 |  mreynolds@stlinusschool.org
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First Grade

I started the St. Linus Preschool back in 1978 and never left! I moved to second grade in 1994. In 2000 moved down to first grade where I am currently teaching. I am fortunate because teaching is my  true passion!

This is my favorite classroom saying: “Each day is a gift so open it with a prayer.”

Mrs. Lehnerer – Room 14 | mlehnerer@stlinusschool.org

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First Grade

“I graduated from the University of Dayton in 2009 and began my teaching career working as a preschool teacher.  After two and a half years, I went back to school for a Master’s in Elementary Education and graduated from De Paul University, Magna Cum Laude in 2014.  I am currently certified, and endorsed, in Elementary Education, Social Studies, and Language Arts. I am excited to bring my previous work experience as a K-2 reading specialist, 4th/5th Grade Math resource teacher, and 3rd grade teacher to St. Linus! ”

Mary Walsh – Room 15 | mwalsh@stlinusschool.org

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Second Grade

I have a B.S. degree in Special Education; returned to school to be certified in Elementary Education; and went back again for classes in Early Childhood.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking, decorating, gardening, reading and being active. During your child’s 2nd grade year, I hope they grow in faith, kindness and respect for others.  For from acceptance and tolerance grows peace.

Ms. Anderson – Room 6 | randerson@stlinusschool.org

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Third Grade

After earning my Masters degree in education, then student teaching right here at St.Linus, I began teaching full-time in 2007. I spent several years teaching first grade, and currently am enjoying life as a third grade teacher. In my free time, I love working outside in my garden, traveling with my family and friends to new places, and discovering good books to read. I believe that the best gift we can give our children is a steady stream of challenges that build their self-confidence and help them succeed the rest of their lives.

Mrs. O’Connell – Room 4 | loconnell@stlinusschool.org

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Third Grade

My name is Maureen Schifferdecker, and this is my 20th year here. I feel very blessed to be a part of St. Linus. I have attended Catholic Schools all of my life: St. Agnes for Grade School, Marian Catholic High School, and Marquette University.    My college graduation was on my birthday.  Now, that’s one fine birthday present!

Mrs. Schifferdecker – Room 7 | mschifferdecker@stlinusschool.org

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Fourth Grade

This is my first year teaching at St. Linus School and I am extremely excited! I received both of my bachelor degrees in Elementary Education and Communication, as well as my Master of Arts in Teaching from Lake Forest College. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but I was determined to do so after my experience of helping a classroom each day as a Peer Leader when I attended Marist High School. I recently taught at St. Louis de Montfort, where I taught 4th & 5th Grade Math, Science, and STEM. This year, I will be teaching 4th grade, as well as 5th grade math and science. When I am not teaching, I like to spend time with my family and friends, traveling, watching sports, and studying art.

Caitlin Hurley – Room 20 | churley@stlinusschool.org

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Fifth Grade

I have been teaching at St. Linus for 23 years, and previously taught in District 123 for 13 years. I’ve taught every grade level except 2nd!   I truly enjoy teaching 5th grade, especially math and science!  I have 2 daughters, 1 son, and 4 grandchildren.  My son is getting married in May, and I’m super excited that he’s marrying a teacher! My daughter is also getting married, but has not yet set a date. I am blessed to have a wonderful family and a great place to work!

Mrs. Minarik – Room 22 | cminarik@stlinusschool.org

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Sixth Grade

“I love working at St. Linus School!  Since starting here in 1996  I’ve  had the privilege of teaching in grades three through eight.  I am presently teaching Religion to the Middle School students and I hope to inspire them in a positive way. i enjoy every moment of my teaching experience.
I have six children and eleven grandchildren.  I love spending time with the grandchildren on weekends. I enjoy traveling,reading and volunteering with the SPRED program.”

Mrs. McCann – Room 29 | smccann@stlinusschool.org

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Seventh Grade

I have been teaching since 2000, but this is my first experience in middle school.  Previously, I taught at Maria High School and Queen of Peace High School.  I earned my Master’s in Literacy in 2006 from Dominican University.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, spending time with my husband and our two children, and walking.

Mrs. Middleton- Room 30 |emiddleton@stlinusschool.org

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Seventh Grade

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Mrs. Grunow – Room 25 |kgrunow@stlinusschool.org

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Eighth Grade

I have been at St. Linus for 13 years and teaching for 39 years. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Quincy University and my Master’s Degree from Concordia University. I have taught at a high school level for most of my teaching career where I have been a head football coach and a wrestling coach.  I have been part of starting the Middle School curriculum , as well as a big part in St. Linus receiving the Blue Ribbon Award. I am currently teaching Middle School Science classes as well as 8th grade History.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge, not only in science, but also in life lessons.

Mr. Pawelski – Room 24 | lpawelski@stlinusschool.org

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Eighth Grade

I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in English Education with an endorsement in Middle School Education. I discovered my love of teaching through my mom, who was an educator for nearly 40 years! She taught me confidence, common sense, and self-worth and that’s what I hope to teach my students… along with the mechanics and creativity of writing. I am just starting my career in this field but I hope to one day be half the woman/teacher my mom is.

Ms. Zenere – Room 27 | gzenere@stlinusschool.org

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My family has a long history here. My grandfather, Richard Vacca, was the the first deacon at St. Linus and my mom is a graduate. My education and background is in photography, art history and graphic design. I am earning my masters in elementary education and k-12 art education. Since graduating from Columbia College I have been a photographer for USA Rugby, school portraits, and opening my own portrait company, Wojie Photography, LLC.  Even though I love photography something was absent, I missed sharing my  knowledge of art with others. Outside of art I love reading, traveling and cooking.

Ms. Wojnowski – Room 5 | mwojnowski@stlinusschool.org

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I received a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Purdue University, Calumet Campus. My degrees are in Elementary Education K through 9, as well as a Learning Behavior Specialist I for PK through age 21, cross-categorical special education.  I taught for 6 years in Indiana before beginning my career at St. Linus in 1989. For the past 12 years I’ve been the computer teacher and previously I taught 4th and 5th grade. The years have really flown by and now I’m  beginning to see the children of some of my former students!  Life is good and it’s a “Great time to be a Hawk!

Mrs. Rosellini – Computer Lab | srosellini@stlinusschool.org

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Library and Spanish

I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  After 8 years of working in the insurance industry, I decided to do what I had always wanted to do, and I completed the teacher certification program!  I have taught 3rd and 4th grade and was a substitute teacher before coming to work at St. Linus as the Librarian and Spanish teacher.

Mrs. Fike – Library | jfike@stlinusschool.org

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Mrs. Brodsky – Room 18 | cbrodsky@stlinusschool.org

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Physical Education

I have a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. I’ve taught since 2009 and have been the physical education teacher at St. Linus since 2014. I work as a driver education instructor part time throughout the year. I love anything sports related, spending time with wife and our yellow labrador Axel, and taking road trips.

Mr. Kraft – Gymnasium | bkraft@stlinusschool.org

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