6th Grade Enters the Shark Tank!

Students in 6th grade have entered THE SHARK TANK!!!!! This week we are working on logos for their soon-to-be invention. Students were asked to create 3 different logos and the class would vote on their favorite for their product. In order to vote, students needed to create a Google Form and upload their 3 created logos to it and send it to their classmates.

Here are just a few of them!

Stay tuned for their final pitches! I am so proud of the 6th grade and all their hard work on this project thus far!


Two students working together came up with idea of Food Tube. Here is their logo! Stay tuned for their pitch!
One student came up with the great idea of a Coffee Creator with the catchy slogan, “you like it, we make it.” Here is an example of some of her logos that she created for her invention. Stay tuned for her final pitch!
Here, two students are briefly explaining their invention and logo to the class. The rest of the class listens and votes on their favorite logo for their invention. Since the students completed this on a Google Form, they can see other student responses in real time. Stay tuned for the girls’ final pitch!
Here are a few examples of one group’s logos for their invention. The name of their invention ‘tyst’ stands for silence in Swedish… their target audience, teachers! Stay tuned for their final pitch for their product!

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