6th Grade Physical Education

The 6th grade has been a fabulous class all year long. We started second semester with our volleyball unit and have transferred to a unique sport called “eclipse ball.”

Eclipse ball uses a standard volleyball court and net. We apply similar rules from volleyball such as boundaries and server rotations, however there are some unusual rules like allowing the ball to bounce between hits, unlimited hits per side, and the “play it” rule. The play it rule allows a team to decide on whether to let a ball go that hits out of bounds or to continue hitting hit with the possibility of gaining 2 points or more instead of 1. Multiple play it situations during the same volley could lead to 2, 4 or even 6 points.

We have 24 students in 6th grade and the maximum number we’d like on the court at once is 12 (6 vs. 6). For those not scrimmaging we offer a number of fitness stations around the outside of the volleyball court so the students still receive a great workout while they patiently wait for their turn to play.

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I have a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. I've taught since 2009 and have been the physical education teacher at St. Linus since 2014. I work as a driver education instructor part time throughout the year. I love anything sports related, spending time with wife and our yellow labrador Axel, and taking road trips.
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