About Lisa O'Connell
After earning my Masters degree in education, then student teaching right here at St.Linus, I began teaching full-time in 2007. I spent several years teaching first grade, and currently am enjoying life as a third grade teacher. In my free time, I love working outside in my garden, traveling with my family and friends to new places, and discovering good books to read. I believe that the best gift we can give our children is a steady stream of challenges that build their self-confidence and help them succeed the rest of their lives.
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March 6, 2018

Mrs. O’Connell’s 3rd grade class made their own fraction models to explore equivalent fractions. Fun!

Enjoying our iPads

March 5, 2018

Students in Room 4 are enjoying some iPad time, relaxing in our new, cushy beanbag seating in our classroom tent!

3rd Graders Share the Love

February 14, 2018

Mrs. O’Connell’s and Mrs. Schifferdecker’s classes worked together in a Valentine’s Day makerspace to produce over 100 beautiful handmade Valentine cards for the children at Hope Hospital. This was their chosen service project during Catholic […]

3rd Grade Science

November 17, 2017

We began our study of plants this week by charting our observations of pinto bean seeds as they begin to grow roots. Next week, we will introduce some variables and can’t wait to see what […]

Diabetes Awareness Day

November 15, 2017

Today we honored three special School families whose children are managing type 1 Diabetes with strength and grace, including Isaac in our own class. These children and their families are true superheroes and an example […]

3rd Grade Science

September 20, 2017

How can energy of motion change? Let’s build a rollercoaster and find out!

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