Checking out books….let the reading begin!

Since our first class, Kindergarten students have learned the rules and routines of the Library.  We have practiced the routine of checking out books.  We have also learned how to take care of our books.  Now, Kindergarten students are checking out books for the first time!

Reminder to all parents:

Our students check out books for 2 weeks at a time.  They can renew it if they aren’t done reading it.  If a book is not returned or renewed at the end of the 2 weeks, your child will receive an overdue notice reminding them what book needs to be returned.  Once the book is returned, students will receive another notice for a fine due.  Our Library fine is $0.10 per school day (holidays and weekends will not be charged).  Students will not be able to check out another book until they book is returned and all fines are paid.

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