Chick Watch 2019

The preschoolers in Mrs. Dougherty’s room are eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby chicks!  21 days ago the class started incubating the eggs and have been learning all about the development of a baby chick.  We have been counting down and the chick eggs are now on lock down in the incubator for the next couple days.  We are hoping to see our first egg hatch either today or by Monday!  There are 12 eggs total and Mrs. Dougherty picked up the eggs from The Children’s Farm in Palos, IL.  After the chicks hatch we will keep them at school for about a week and then return them to The Children’s Farm!  

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In 2008 I started my journey here at St. Linus and have been loving every minute of it. I have spent my time teaching early childhood, specifically preschool the last few years. My love of reading is what led me to get my Master's Degree in Reading and Reading Specialist certificate. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and baking.
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