Ponderings from the Principal’s Office

What a great first week we have had here at St. Linus.  We have welcomed back new and returning students and faculty with enthusiasm and a zest for learning.  Our Junior High is raring to go especially our 8th graders who are in the final stretch of their time here at St. Linus.  Next Wednesday at our All School Mass our student government will be commissioned to their new posts and will begin to serve our students and the community.  We will continue to grow our technology but thanks to Hawktoberfest most of the heavy lifting is behind us and now it is a matter of using it to it’s full potential.  Teachers continue to take classes and explore new ways of using the technology so our students are well prepared for all the 21st Century has to offer.  I hope you have enjoyed the blurbs on the Facebook about our new teachers.  We are fortunate to have them all.  Many of my goals when I entered St. Linus as the principal have been realized.  The technology upgrades, bringing back fine arts, an increase in enrollment and the sprucing up of the place have been realized and I couldn’t be happier.  This year another of my goals has been realized and that is the addition of Mrs. Byrnes as a full time resource teacher.  Having Mrs. Byrnes as a part of our family will be such a blessing for the students and faculty alike.  There is no reason that students who need a little extra help can’t remain in a Catholic School and with Mrs. Byrnes and the teachers and parents working together St. Linus will be that school.  Beyond all these wonderful things is the reason we are here and that is to pass on the faith to our students to help them grow in Christ’s love and become adults who continue the good works they have learned from their parents and us here at St. Linus.  I love seeing all the families at church on Sunday and I am so proud when I see our students as altar servers or in the choir.  These last seven days I have had a wonderful time walking around the school and seeing all the exciting things going on in our classes.  I enjoyed the summer and the time off but I am full of anticipation and wonder about what the year ahead holds.  I look forward to going to games, concerts and events like Hawktoberfest!  I look forward to First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  I look forward to hearing “Hi Ms Hayes at decibel 80 at least 20 times a day as the little ones head down the hall. I’m even looking forward to lunch and recess duty (when it gets cooler).  Thank you for entrusting your most precious gifts with us. We will take care of them, teach them, love them and fill them with faith.  I look forward to working with you again this year.  Remember “It’s a Great Day to be a Hawk!”  Ms. Hayes out!

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I am upbeat and experienced educator who began as an elementary school teacher with Chicago Public Schools, and 14 years as an administrator at Queen of Peace High School and Maria High School before becoming the principal of St. Cletus Catholic School in La Grange, IL. I'm a St. Linus Alum, from the class of 1976. It's great to be home, and a GREAT day to be a Hawk!
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